Saturday, July 30, 2011

Return of the lap(top)

Hi All

I know I know the title is full of cheese! Using a lame reference of a 90's Mark Morrison's hit, which has been given a 2011 remix by Snoop Dog, so maybe I am on trend? But having been away from this blog for what feels like ages? I felt I needed to make an entrance, a show biz razzmatazz. No matter how cheesy it was! (Anyway, I love cheesy!)

So finally giving up on the old laptop and putting it to rest, it did take a while to decide which laptop to buy. Having to consider things like, does it have a built in webcam, how much Ram it has, is it 4GB, 5GB to be honest at this point this is where I get lost and lose all interest, as my eyes start glazing over when the sales assistant enthusiastically explaining the benefits of each laptop to me. So while all the above have been carefully considered and taken into account, I purchased the one which was shiny and pink! I've still got the protective plastic on it, oh dear I hope I'm not turning into the elder relative you used to visit as a child and they had that special front room which you wasn't allowed to enter, you could only take a peek at it through the crack in the door and wonder why the sofa was still covered in plastic??

Err....Plastic will be removed A.S.A.P!

Bye for now!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Shhhh! This isn't my laptop

Hi All

Apologies for the quite and stillness here but my laptop of four years is now dying a slow death, screen freezing, internet up loading cursor just spins without a care in the world, and it likes to randomly show me it’s blue screen just to scare me! So with that I have to lay it to rest, (sad face) and get me a shiny new one! (Happy face). Anyway can’t go into too much details now as I need to be quick!

Bye for now

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