Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My secret valentine

Hi All

It is that time of year again, the only day in the year where you must show the one you hold the dearest in your heart how much you love them? This is usually done by mixing loads of cheese, fluff and a good sprinkling of tat and voilĂ ! You have Valentine's Day. I am sure you can tell by the undertone running through the start of this post I really do not hold Valentines Day with much regard, I believe every day is an opportunity to show the one dearest in your heart how much you love them and this day is an overrated commercial, bleed your pockets dry suck fest, which I have no intention of being a part of! However if you are anything like me then you are really secretly hoping this is happen at your home while you are at your 9-5….

Yeah I know I am a contradiction, while I do not believe in the hype and cheap petrol station roses which surround Valentine's Day, I am all for someone genuinely putting themselves out there and showing or telling someone else how they feel about them. So my heart goes out to the young man who could be right at this moment swimming through the shark invested waters in London!? To get to my house and leave me a box of chocolates. As it is 2012 my tastes have changed so hopefully they are from Hotel Chocolate.

Bye for now

PB x

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby! It's cold outside!

Hi All

A few weeks back, I was sitting down on my sofa enjoying whatever delights were showing on the TV, when I felt an icy breeze blowing across my feet. I don’t like the cold, not one little bit, especially in my house I am one of those people who firmly believes when you are in your house you should be able to walk around in shorts and T-shirt, not keep your coat, hat and scarf on with a hot water bottle strapped onto your body! So with this icy breeze blowing in from under the door, I decided to wage war against all things breezy, icy and blowing in from under doors. My first attempts with an old towel and lightly taping a plastic bin liner to the bottom of the door, failed to do the job in hand, and also look extremely unattractive. So off to the shops I went to find a draft excluder, the one I found was cute but the price wasn’t. So Instead of trying out a bit of haggling in a major department store and embarrassing myself, I went straight to YouTube and found a tutorial by Debbie Shore of Thimble Lane on how to make a doggy draft excluder, (I am sure you could retrain for any new career using videos from YouTube?) As PB senior had caught wind (pun intended) about what I was doing, an order of four doggy drafter excluders came my way. Using scrap material which had been hanging around in a box for years I put this together.

 Not bad huh! As you can see mine doesn’t have any ears or a tail, I could make out this was intentional, but it was because I could not be bothered to cut them out. So while I have one down three more to go and with the Russian cold and snow sweeping across the country at the moment, I think you all should watch the video below, find some old fabric and whip up a few of these and join me in the battle to fight all things breezy, icy and blowing in under doors


Bye for now!

PB x 
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