Saturday, January 28, 2012

28 Days later

It is now 28 days into the New Year. I am sure some of you are full throttle into your New Year’s resolutions, or you have already thrown in the towel? Well it has taken me all these weeks to decided what I wanted my resolutions to be. Usually each year comes and the week in-between Christmas and New Year’s ends up feeling like a pressured one, as everyone is asking you what are your resolutions, or telling you theirs without being asked, so if you’re not stating you are planning to re-train as a tiger tamer and will be learning the classical version of the Nahuatl language which was spoken by the Aztecs on a Wednesday evening. And not forgetting the usual of get fit stop eating crap. Then a look of, ‘boring!’ will surely be fired your way. Well most of the time these resolutions are usually plucked out of the air, the list is far too long, and some of them are only on the list to look impressive! So this year I planned to start with a few and If I need to revaluate or add some more, then I will. So what has all this got to do with baking and avoiding the dishes?

Well, over Christmas I had managed to stay clear from wheat for most of the holiday, (this is not including my fair well tea and chocolate Hob Nob dunking party I had on New Year’s Day) which I felt much better for doing. So starting 2012 I am going to be wheat and gluten free! I know I kind of mentioned something like this before, however I have always given myself a non-expiry date free pass, which has always lead me into an episode of wheat binging and days of bloating and discomfort.

So here's to 2012 living less bloated one day at a time!

Bye for now!


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