Monday, March 15, 2010

I love it!

Hi All
Ooh! Just admire it's angles, it's beautiful pastel pink colour, two sturdy clips on each side, it's comfortable handle, not forgetting it's three trays to carry your cupcakes in without them getting squashed! Ahhh! Let me just breath, as I have been lusting over this for a good few days since it arrived in the post, well actually I have been lusting for over a year for this, it is the Ultimate! Cupcake carrier, but the UK price for it really did bother my purse, ( it failed to open each time I attempted to order it!) So after many failed attempts pleading with US Ebayer's to bring down their shipping charges, (In some cases it was working out to £45.00- £50.00!) My cynical mind kept telling me it is only a plastic container and it's, soooo not worth it! However I wanted it so bad, I had to order it from The Cupcake Courier company, And it was soooo worth it! As they are now saying they only have a few left, and this is the last of them in the UK. If you have been spending a year deciding if you should buy it or not, you better make your mind up now!
Anyway, cant wait to take mine for a spin!

Bye for now.


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