Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Passion of the C Pt 3

Hi All

Returned back to the 9-5 today after the Easter over indulgence, to be honest I done my excess chocolate egg consumption at the beginning of March and couldn't stomach doing it again lol! So I got back on my CRUSADE OF THE CARROT CAKE!! (The last five words are to be read in the tone of the voice over man on the X Factor). Well I scummed to using the oil, took out the ginger, added more dark brown soft sugar and kept everything the else the same. I used a cream cheese icing for the top and the middle ( I ran out of the passion fruit curd, okay I ate it!). I passed slices over to my independent judging panel, the verdict came back as having a soft texture, full of flavour, and nice colour. It was like the carrot cakes of days gone by. I am very happy I have finally mastered THE CARROT CAKE! (Voice over man again).

I Think I will put the kettle on and enjoy a slice of cake.

Bye for now.


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