Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi All

From my post on Sunday I was going to explain way I was using spelt flour in my recipe.

A few years I was informed I had an intolerance to wheat which for me results in bloating, tummy pains, slow digestion, and some ahem! Anti-social side effects. While my head was spinning with thoughts of cakes, cookies, thick slices of toast soaked in butter I now had to avoid, I was also informed I could eat spelt flour instead, as I didn’t know what spelt was I wasn’t filled with any excitement, however I learned the following:

Spelt is an ancient grain which was originally grown in Iran around 5000 to 6000 B.C; it was more widely used then than the current wheat grain we use today. It is similar in appearance to the wheat grain, however it has a tougher husk and has a slightly nuttier and sweater flavour. Spelt contains more protein and lower levels of gluten than wheat; however it is not suitable for those with a wheat allergy or gluten free diet. However if you want to get deeper into spelt check out the Wikipedia link!

So although I was given this information a few years ago it didn’t mean I adhered to it. Due to research purposes (and lack of resistance) I will eat the wheat, as I know my whole body isn’t going to swell up, or I break out in a rash all over my body, I always think the discomfort is worth it!? Although you can now get more slightly wider range of spelt products in health food shops and one and two items in larger chains of supermarkets it isn’t enough. So most of my recopies will be made using spelt flour unless otherwise stated.

However if you see me out and about eating a massive wheat baguette, please do not wag your finger at me and say I shouldn’t be eating that! Remember it is for research purposes and it’s worth it!?

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