Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Passion of the C

Hi All

I have decided to make a carrot cake to go with my passion fruit curd. Carrot cake has been the cake I haven't mastered (yet!). Many forms of this cake has passed my lips through the years, given to me from my aunt, in-laws, friends of the family that you called auntie who weren't! All were moist, tasty, and moreish. Although I've been passed the recipes for these cakes, mine have never came out tasting anything like the above! I think the reason for this is my aversion to using oil in baking, it appears carrot cake has to be made with oil? yuk! I am not sure where my aversion came from, it could be due to the years I was forced to take a teaspoon of cod liver oil before I went to school, and the taste of oil that would stay with you for the rest of the day yuk!

Well, I am going to embark on the crusade mastering the carrot cake, without the oil, going to try using melted butter instead.

Wish me luck. x

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