Monday, February 22, 2010

The Passion

Hi All
Long time! Long time! In the blogging world anyway! Two weeks since my last post! I know I have to give myself a slapped wrist, (not too hard as I need to type) the amount of times I have logged onto one of my favorite blogs, only to pull a contorted face of vexation, just because they haven’t posted something that morning! Well I take it all back (sorry my favorite bloggers), I will try and be more consistent.

The other day while gazing at my computer at my 9-5, I suddenly wanted to make something out of passion fruit, I’m not sure why as I am not a fan of the fruit, pre juiced in a box , yes, cutting scooping, and only getting a minimal amount of sweet flesh , just feels like way too much effort. What can I make? What can I make? How can I in cooperate it into a cake? Curd! I decided to make a passion fruit curd, I have never made this before, thought let’s give it a try. After looking through many recipes I settled on one (let’s all curtsey) from Nigella Lawson.

I must say this tastes fab! I wanted to eat it all before I put it in the jar, (eating curd from a hot pot, is not a good look!) Now what cake to use it with, mmm....

Bye for now!

PB x

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