Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I heart Bree

Hi All
I must admit I do love Bree Van Dee Kamp/Hodge, how she makes looking after your home and preparing beautiful (and I can only assume tasty) meals easy. I suppose Bree is an inspiration for my baking and my other creative pursuits in the home, please note she is further down my list of inspiration after my mother, aunt and Nigella Lawson, (they maybe reading this!) So I was thinking the other day, at the many times I'd blow a hissy fit in my kitchen when something isn't turning out how I liked, I thought how would Bree handle this, I came across this list, How to be like Bree Van Dee Kamp I think I need to keep point No. 10 in mind, always keep a smile on my face? Having already tried point No. 8 trying to cover up a grey patch at the front of my hair, lets just say it is not there anymore lol! I have to mix point No. 5 wearing rubber gloves to wash up the dishes with point No.10, as you all know I don't like washing up the dishes! There are 20 points, I've got some work to do.
Bye for now
P.S I am way to young to have grey hair lol!

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