Friday, June 3, 2011

Cupcake in a tin?

Hi All

While taking a stroll down my local high street, I always like to have a look in the 99p store as they sometimes have some brand name bargains and some random things that catch my eye. I first saw the picture of the cupcake and realised it was on a tin. I've seen cupcakes in jars, push pop cupcakes, and cupcake pops, so now you can buy tinned cupcakes that will last for years? On closer inspection I found it was a vanilla cupcake scented candle. While I was paying for it I was thinking it was cute, but all so, I was thinking, oh pleeease! What else is going to be stamped with a cupcake tag? Cupcake deodorant? Soap powder? Although I do love making (and eating!) cupcakes I do think the hype for them may have now hit it's peak? Especially with all these other byproducts saturating the market.

Anyway if you want to get one of these candles, which has a very sweet vanilla smell, however a not convincing cake smell. Get down to your local 99p store sharpish as their stock turnover is very quick!

Bye for now!

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