Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'd like to buy the world a coke.....

Hi All

When I started secondary school I used have many an insult thrown at me due to the fact I was taller than the rest of my peers, rather choppy looking and was extremely short sighted oh! And because I used to wear my long socks pulled up to my knees, Ooo! the crime! But the main one was my short sightedness not only did I have the displeasure to wear NHS frames (if you were a child in the late eighties early nighties you will know the horror of the designs of theses!) but due to my poor eyesight my lenses were thick and therefore earned the name Coca-Cola bottom, yes, children are very cruel!

However the Coca-Cola bottle is such an iconic design, that everyone knows it ( I never got called Sunny D bottle bottom) even songs about it's shape have been made about it. A few years ago I got some limited edition ones by the Scissor Sisters which I really liked and have been trying to build up my collection, so when I heard they had the original bottle celebrating their 125th year, I had to get it. I got this from Selfridges for £1.99. Now I'm off down to Harvey Nichols to get the Karl Largerfeld collection.

Bye for now!

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