Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hi All

Do you ever go against your gut instinct? Well that was me on Friday night having a serious Homer Simpson moment. I have wanted a Kitchen Aid for years! When I decided I could justify spending over £300 on one, they put the price up to over £400 and now I am back in the same position. However I got leered into getting a Magimix which can do so much, juicing, making dough, making cake and cutting chips! I thought I was quid’s in as it had gone down in price to just over £100! However their method for making cake are mainly mixing all the ingredients together all at once. So for that I should of known I couldn’t make butter cream in this machine but I was tired and didn’t want to use my hand mixer and thought why not? It might work? Look at the results!

The one on your right is the one I used in the Magimix, it started creaming together in the beginning then when I added the rest of the icing sugar it started turning into clumps and the oil from the butter looked like it was separating. So in the end I made another batch ( the one on the left) with my hand mixer. So the lesson for this story is to listen to your gut and not be lazy as it will give you more dishes to wash up, and you all know I don’t like that!

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