Thursday, June 9, 2011

Those things!

Hi All

I was reminded by one of my family members the other day, of something I used to make many years ago the conversation went like this:

F M: How comes you don’t make those things anymore?

Me: What things? (Slightly confused)

FM: You know those things! (Dumbfounded at my lack of memory)

Me: You need to be more specific; I used to make a few things before. (Even, more confused)

FM: You know! Those things!! Those things that taste like Twix! (Annoyed and impatient)

Me: Ooh! Millionaire squares, caramel shortbreads? (Light bulb moment)

FM: Yeah them! (Eyes glazed over and no longer mentally in the room)

Yes it was those things! I used to make these at least once a fortnight, for a friend who used to eat the whole tray to themselves! (Yes, they still have their own teeth!) So over the weekend I thought I give them another go however instead of staying with the original recipe of plain shortbread base caramel middle, and chocolate top, I wanted chocolate all the way through. Chocolate shortbread, chocolate caramel and chocolate top, feast your eyes!

These need a name, I think I will name these Trillionaire Squares. Hopefully my family member will remember it!

Bye for now!


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