Monday, August 15, 2011

Let me at him!

Hi All

I spent most part of this weekend feeling sleep deprived. And oh how I wished it was due to a night out on the tiles, getting somewhat merry to the wee hours. Then I wouldn’t have minded sluggishly pulling myself through the next day with a slight nervous twitch in my left eye! No it was due to a big fly! Although it wasn’t big by Jeff Goldblum standards, it was big enough to make a loud enough buzz that I couldn’t sleep, which prompted me out of my bed trying to coax it out through the window, or catch it in a glass. After the forth effort back and forth from my bed and realising that the fly did not leave graciously through the window. I turned into a large version of Scrappy Doo, slapping wildly around my bedroom with a slipper and muttering get out or die! Remember I was extremely tired!

By 3am the battle was won! I felt a little bad for splatting the fly however in my heart I do believe it was on it last wings? There are some lessons to be learned:

1) Turning into Scrappy Doo it never a good look!
2) Don’t leave your window open all day when it is summer!
3) Invest in some fly paper!

I am sure these are valuable lessons for you all to take you through the rest of this week?

Bye for now!


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