Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snakes on a cake

Hi All

I had forgotten to post these pictures from the other week. It was my cousins son’s 10th birthday the other day (I think that’s makes him my 2nd cousin? I get lost after the first.) The brief was an iced cake with jelly snakes on it; to be honest I don’t think the cake was that important as long as it had the jelly snakes on it, as that is was what I could hear him repeatedly shouting in the background while I was on the phone to his mother.

This was a short notice request and my brain was running overtime with ideas on how I wanted the cake to look. Remember, the brief was simple so I don’t know why I was running my brain overtime? (I just like to give myself hard work!) In the end I opted for a fruit cake and I wanted to have the snakes curling around and on the cake in a crazed fashion, however my edible glue that I needed to stick them down with did not arrive until two days after the cake was required. So I think the snakes look like they are on the cake in a lazy fashion, oh well, I still think it looks cute!

Bye for now!


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