Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All in a days work?

Hi All

Today is the day I return back to the 9-5 after having the 11 day Easter Bank Holiday break from there, although my heart and feet feel heavy whilst travelling to the tube station, it got me thinking about the long list of things I gave to myself to complete over those 11 days, like cleaning out the garden shed, redecorating my bedroom, have a cake sale, catching up with my friends and relatives, trying out 5 new cake recipes, oh and spending a day at the seaside. And what makes this all so more Mission Impossible the list didn’t end there!

Well I did do some of these things, however who was I kidding? Clearly myself. As my body, if it wouldn’t allow me to move, then it would fall in a near comatose state of sleep any time I sat still for two minutes! I do this all the time, all the things I’ve been day dreaming about I wanted to get done over the last four months at work, I know it isn’t wise to try and cram them all in on my days off. Oh well let’s see how many I can fit in on the next Bank Holiday, I know I never learn!

Bye for now!


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