Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Testing testing, 1,2,3.

Hi All

Apart of my spring clean and bringing in the new over the Easter and bank holiday break was to redecorate my bedroom, which I have been talking about for aaaageeees!! Finally on Saturday I made it to my nearest DIY store and purchased some paint testers. Which you can see above my aim for my room is to make it relaxing, chilled and rejuvenating, however with the amount of things I have and lacking room to store them (Although I forgot about the new space that has been made in the garden shed) I think that is a lot of pressure I am putting on the paint to achieve these things! I have gone for blues and greens, and a coral I have been inspired by the array of colours of pink flamingos and thought maybe this coral may be the nearest to them? Now I’m looking at the paints just in their pots with sober eyes and no longer with the intoxicated future visions of what my room is going to look like rushing over me I am now filled with err what was I thinking!? Hopefully once I test them on walls they may look alright?

Bye for now!


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